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Everything that we present on this site can be used with our absolute blessing. It would be thoughtful if you referenced us but if not we will not lose any sleep over it if you do not. All we are concerned with is helping to ensure the best grades possible for students around the country. So take our material and use it however you like - on one proviso - that you use it to improve grades!

Like most teachers we obtain our ideas from other teachers; from conferences; texts and a whole manner of other sources. As such it is entirely possible that we have used an idea or material that remains exclusively the intellectual property of someone else. Although we have tried to ensure that on every occasion where we have used an activity, document, resource or idea that we have obtained the permission from whom we obtained it, we also understand that it is possible that in the process of being handed from teacher to teacher that we are using something that may belong intellectually to someone else. If this is the case please contact us and we will remove it from our site immediately

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