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Free Resources

Below are a series of free resources to demonstrate the quality of material available to subscribers. Please feel free to download these materials and use them however you see fit.

The remainder of our resources are only available to our subscribers. If you would lke to subscribe then click on the button below and join us today.

A teacher's PowerPoint looking at omissions in criminal liability. It has built in activities that can be done in class or downloaded and done as homework. The presentation is a mix of underpinning knowledge and linked activities. In this screenhsot for instance clicking on the image or name will take you to news stories about Anthony Bland which examines the right of people to refuse treatment and to be allowed to die.

An activity called Question Swap on Non Fatal Offences Against the Person designed as either a starter or a mid lesson energiser - also good for showing progress after a developmental pahse of a lesson. It is designed to get students up and movng and offers a high level of differentiation within the activity.
A PDF diagram of the routes of Appeal from Criminal Courts.
A high level thinking activity that asks students to consider a question, comment and an idea about  contentious issue. In this activity it is the ruling about sexual infidelity as a qualifying trigger. This is potentially a whole lesson activity and can be adapted to any number of different questions and scenarios.
The famous and much beloved Gallery. This is a case law development activity that ensures students get the case name, place of use, facts and legal principle. It demonstrates progress and can be easily differentiated. It can also be done using music and works brilliantly as a starter or revision session. My students absolutely love it. This one is on Tort - Duty of Care.
  One of an ongoing project to provide students with helpful single sheet case law guide. These sheets give a slightly more in depth account of the facts of the case followed by a clear statement of the legal principle and ratio decidendi. Brilliant for use in 'Learning on Behalf of Others' (LOBO) activities (see the main site for further details of this activity).
  A student interactive revision aid. The Adobe PDF file allows students to work throught the area of law in an interactive manner, slide by slide. This sample is on the rules for intoxication as a defence. By clicking on each of the key case names the details are revealed in the box to the right.
  And don't forget our entirely free YouTube channel in which you can watch all of our free unique lecture videos to aid you learning and understanding. The mobile device versions of these videos are all available on this site for fully paid up subscribers so that you can continue your studies on any mobile device no matter where you are.

An activity PowerPoint looking at the first of the non-fatal offences against the person - assault. The presentation is a mix of underpinning knowledge and linked activities. In this screenhsot the lesson is examining the requirement for expectation not fear to fulfil the apprehend part of the actus reus.

A non fatal offences against the person 'level of harm' document to assist in offence recognition when answering substantive law questions

A substantive non fatal answer framework for an Assault question in Unit 2 AQA

A sample answer for the January 2011 Unit 2 Paper, scenario 1, question 3 - "Discuss Alan’s criminal liability for his statement to Bhu, “We sort out thieves like you.”"


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