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AS outline

The Advanced Subsidiary GCE is both a ‘stand-alone’ qualification and also the first half of the corresponding Advanced GCE.

From September 2013 this AS GCE Law (which supersedes the H124 AS GCE Law specification) is made up of two mandatory units, which are externally assessed and which form 50% of the corresponding four-unit Advanced GCE.AS Unit G151: English Legal System

AS Unit G152: Sources of Law

A2 Outline

From September 2013 the Advanced GCE Law (which supersedes the H524 Advanced GCE Law specification) is made up of the two mandatory units at AS and two further units at A2. These A2 units are also externally assessed.

Candidates choose from three options at A2: Criminal Law, Law of Contract or Law of Torts. They will have to complete both elements of the chosen option: the underpinning knowledge and the Special Study.

A2 Units G153 and G154 - Criminal Law OR

A2 Units G155 and G156 - Law of Contract OR

A2 Units G157 and G158 - Law of Torts

OCR Units

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