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Why not register with us today and for just 39 (that's only 1 per academic week) you can receive access to every area of the site and unlimited access to all of our teaching and learning resources.

Students can join for less than half price 15 - just supply us with your school, college or university e mail address and the name and location of the establishment you are studying at and receive a 62% saving. (We will verify your student status)

To prevent misuse of your login and password we have linked your login to your computer IP address. If you choose to log in from a different computer the system will ask you to verify your details. This has been done to protect you and we hope you will not find it too great an inconvenience.

Battlefield Historian Ltd registered in United Kingdom 6996039. Registered address : 4 The Laurels, Fressingfield, Eye, Suffolk, IP21 5NZ

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